How to make your home more secure...

November 29th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

The county of Surrey is still a safe place to live and the crime rate in the area remains low, however we have compiled a list of ways in which you can keep your home safe:
• Register valuable property at it's free of charge and could deter a thief.
• Fit a burglar alarm - there are some really reasonably priced ones available on the market, these will act as a good deterrent, at night time you will be able to set it to activate in the rooms you do not use.
• Make sure all of your windows are fitted with window locks, this and a 5-lever mortice deadlock to external doors is a basic requirement for most home insurance policies. Try and fit French doors and Patio doors with extra locks.
• Ensure that your sheds and garages are locked up and are secure.
• Install some security lights that come on at dusk and go off at dawn. Burglars are also deterred by spot lights.
• Never leave a spare key outside your home, if you would like to leave out a spare key, it’s best to leave it with neighbours.
• Keep your external doors locked, even when you are at home.
• Avoid keeping expensive jewellery or cash in your home.
• Fit an external letter box, as burglars can use these to put devices through, including extendable fishing rods and still your keys from the hallway. A good idea if you would like to keep your letter box is to move your home keys and car keys out of reach. 
If you would like some more advice on how you can improve the security of your home, then contact Surrey Police on 101 and ask to speak to your local Crime Reduction Advisor.
You could also join your Neighbourhood Watch scheme.