How to plan a successful move…

April 1st 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

As with most aspects of our lives, one of the most important aspects of a stress free move is to plan ahead.
Before you start your packing, have a good sort out and get rid of anything that you no longer need. There are various ways in which you can either sell your unwanted goods or you can give them away. Ways in which you can sell your goods could be placing them on an auction site, doing a garage sale (which is good for large items), a local car boot sale or placing them on your own social media page, such as Facebook. If you are looking to give away some of your unwanted items you could take them to a charity shop or give them away on sites such as preloved or freecycle.
Next you will need to source some cardboard boxes, if you ask your local supermarket in advance they will normally put them aside for you. Another option is to buy them on-line, but check out the quality ratings before buying, as you will need have sturdy boxes for your heavier items, also buying different size boxes is a good idea. If you are using a removal company then they will normally provide you with some complimentary boxes for your move. You will also need lots of rolls of strong tape to seal up your boxes.
Check your contents insurance before moving, to make sure that it will cover any damages or breakages during your move. If you are using a removal company, then make sure you carefully list every item and its value on their insurance form.
Make sure you set aside a box with essential items, so that you can put these in your car and use them on your first day of moving, such as a kettle - unless you don’t have much to move. Prepare an overnight bag for you and your family.
Start your packing as early as possible – boxing non essential items first; as this stage normally takes much longer than most people anticipate. Always pack from the top first, if you have an attic this will need to be sorted and packed. Try and make sure you do not make your boxes too heavy as this could cause injury during your move. You will need to label the contents of your boxes clearly, as you will almost certainly not remember the exact contents of each one. Keeping the boxes for one room in the same place as this will make it easier.
Wrap breakables in newspaper or bubble wrap, and clearly mark fragile on these boxes.

Dismantle large items of furniture before moving.
If you are planning a move and would like some advice, then why not pop into your local branch of Goodfellows for a chat and a coffee or alternately call us on 0845 3727070.