How to prepare your home for Christmas...

December 18th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

Christmas will soon be upon us, so we’ve compiled a quick list of things to do around your home in the run up to the festive season:
 • Clear away any unwanted items you won’t need over Christmas such as magazines, ornaments and so forth.
• Get some fresh air in the home, at this time of year it’s a good idea as it helps blast out the bacteria caused by hot centrally heated homes.
• If you haven’t got a decent vacuum cleaner already, then try and invest in one such as the SEBO, this is a great to clean vast areas of your home. If you have a ceramic tiled  floor then buy some tiles brightening cleaner.
• Re-vitalise Christmas decorations, fragile items would be best cleaned with an artist’s brush. To clean garlands, put a pair of tights over the top and use the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, this is also good for artificial trees and tinsel.
• Get your carpets cleaned by a professional cleaner, there is no better way to freshen up your home in time for your Christmas guests.
• Read our article on how to choose and look after your Christmas tree.