How to save on hidden holiday expenses…

June 11th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge
How to save on hidden holiday expenses…

Thousands of us will be heading abroad next month for our summer holidays and there might be several parts of our holiday finances which we haven’t properly prepared for, such having to pay excess on a hire car, which can amount to hundreds, holiday insurance which doesn’t actually properly cover you if you have an accident or fall ill, and expensive money withdrawals or credit card payments whilst your away. So we have made some suggestions below on how you can save money on these hidden costs:
Holiday insurance – it’s difficult to know how good an insurance policy is before you need to use it, and the price you pay doesn't always reflect on the quality of the insurance. Which? recommended a few years ago and we have used them ever since, they offer world wide travel for a family of 4, two adults and two children from £71.94 per year to find out more about their travel insurance please visit their website at
Car hire – one of the worst things about hiring a car abroad is paying the excess, this can range from anything from £600 upwards, for even a scratch, and it can ruin a holiday if you find yourself unlucky enough to have damaged your hire car. However there are companies who offer to cover you for the excess and one that has had very good reviews is the company Car Hire Excess If you do find yourself having to pay out excess on a car hire they will pay back this money – you must keep all receipts and paperwork in order to claim back any money paid out.
Money transactions abroad – we checked out the MoneySavingSupermarket for this. For credit cards they recommend Halifax, as they offer free withdrawals you also won’t get charged for paying with your card abroad. For debit cards they recommend Norwich and Peterborough as they offer both 0% on withdrawals and transactions.