How to stop moths from damaging your home…

November 29th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s at this time of year when moths can enter quietly into our homes and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to our clothes and soft furnishings. In recent years there has been a surge in the amount of damage caused by this unwanted pest, so how can we prevent moth damage from occurring in our homes?
If you see even one moth in your home, then the chances are that you have a moth infestation. Moths love to rest in quiet, warm places, such as the edge of your carpets, cupboards and under furniture, anywhere they won’t be disturbed.
The first signs of moth damage to your carpets will be that you notice bare lines appearing in the weave of your carpet, you might also find some strange fluff around the edges. If you discover these it would be best to call a professional carpet cleaner who will need to spray the area with pesticide.  If you have moths in your home then the chances are so will your neighbour, so make sure you warn them too.
To avoid them nesting in your carpet in the future, vacuum the entire carpet, with a good vacuum cleaner, moving out all furniture and vacuuming from East to West and North to South, use your vacuums crevice tool to get into the corners. Then vacuum every two days for a couple of weeks.
One way to get rid of moths from your wardrobe is to spray clothes with a moth repellant, but if you are worried about doing this you can add some Rentokil Moth repellar handling units, available from for £2.41 plus VAT. Before storing clothes, wash and iron them, storing them in airtight bags if possible, Argos have 4 airtight bags for £9.99.
If you would like to try some natural anti-moth products you could put dry lavender, mint leaves, or a bag of mixed herbs such as cloves, thyme, ginseng and rosemary into your cupboards.