How to storm proof your home this winter…

October 23rd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

After the recent strong gusts of winds it makes us all think about how to storm proof our homes for this year’s winter. High winds and rain in the UK causes thousands of pounds worth of damage each year to UK property.   
So here are our top tips on how to protect your home this winter:
• Make sure the tiles on your roof are secure, that you have no loose, cracked or missing tiles and that your chimney stack is secure – you will probably need to pay for a builder to inspect your roof once a year.
• Clean out your gutters and pipes, otherwise you might find that water starts to work its way into your home.
• If you have wooden fencing in your garden, make sure they are sturdy.
• If you have trees in your garden, make sure the branches don’t touch your home or electricity cables.
If a storm does take place, then make sure all of your windows are firmly closed, put your car in a safe place, away from falling roof tiles, preferably in a garage. Put away any garden furniture, or anything else that could take off in the wind.
How do I make an insurance claim for storm damage?
If you do have any damage to your car or home after a storm, then contact your insurer straight away, don't leave it for a couple of days: making sure that you have all of the relevant insurance documentation to hand.
Household, business and car insurance also covers flooding.
Before tidying up always make sure that you take plenty of photographs of the damage to back up your claim.