How to use your freezer to save food waste…

November 14th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge
How to use your freezer to save food waste…

Food waste is one of our biggest concerns in Britain, according to the food waste prevention programme (WRAP) we are throwing away the equivalent of six meals per week in the UK.  
Most of this waste is caused by bakery and vegetables not being used before they spoil, so we have compiled a list of ways in which you can use your freezer to make your food last longer:
•  Remove the packaging from your bread and other bakery items before putting it into the freezer and store it in proper freezer bags, this will keep it delicious. If you would like to freeze a baguette or whole loaf, slice into portions before freezing, this will enable you to take out and use when necessary.
•  Freezing meat – make sure you cut off any excess fat before freezing as this could make your meat taste rancid.
•  Fresh tomatoes at this time of year are still relatively cheap to buy, so whizz some up in a blender, separate into 400g portions and freeze in bags.  This is an ideal quantity for adding to meals.
•  Keep to sensible portion sizes – most of us in the UK eat too much at meal times, so cut down and keep the left overs for another meal.
•  Apples keep much better if pureed before freezing. With blackberries, raspberries and other small fruits – lay them flat on a tray in the freezer and when they have frozen, put them into a freezer bag – this is a great way to get Vitamin C throughout the winter months, add to it cereal, yoghurt and cakes, or make a crumble.
•  Wine – if you have left over wine then pour into ice cube trays and when set pop them into a freezer bag, these are great to add to sauces and will save you throwing away left over wine.
•  Milk – this can sometimes separate when frozen, but don’t worry just give the bottle a shake when defrosted.  The best way to defrost milk is at room temperature, leave the carton on the draining board just in case the plastic splits.
Storing food in freezer bags rather than containers will help you to save space in your freezer.
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