Invest in your future

December 4th 2014
By: Jon
Invest in your future

If you’re looking for way to invest for your future, you could join many people who are choosing to invest in property.  Purchasing a buy to let property is a good way of receiving a regular income as well as having a long term investment for the future.
Our offices are able to provide you with specific advice tailored to your needs, but for a general overview on what to look for, read on…
Looking for an investment property is very different to looking for a property to live in yourself.  You’re focusing on receiving a return on your investment – so put on a business head and look at the hard facts.  Don’t let your heart rule your head!
Location is important – check out local transport links if you’re hoping for a professional tenant.  Local schools, parks and shops will be a focus for a family looking to rent.
Look carefully at the condition of the property – how much work can you carry out yourself – or how much money are you prepared to spend on investing in someone else to do the work for you.  Remember to allow for about annual repairs and maintenance costs.
Goodfellows can offer the whole service – our sales offices are on hand to find you a property and having secured your purchase, our property management specialists are able to offer you help and advice on letting it.  Then they can find you suitable tenants and manage your property in order that you can maximize your investment.