Investing in local art…Surrey Artists’ Open Studios

May 4th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Investing in local art…Surrey Artists’ Open Studios

In the past few years we have experienced a real shift in homeowners buying original pieces of art from local artists. It’s a lovely feeling having an original painting hanging in a home rather than a famous reproduction print, that probably hangs in hundreds of homes around the world.

There are some amazing local artists who create art forms in so many different mediums and styles. Once you have found an artist you love you can then commission them to do one off pieces of work for your home and friends, within a chosen colour palette and canvas size which will match your room/house perfectly. Obviously art isn’t just about paintings, art comes in all different forms from photographs, sculptures, ceramic art – the list is endless. Buying local also means that most artists will have drawn their inspiration from local places and landmarks, so you can have a unique slant on an area you live in too.
This Saturday 7th May the SAOS, Surrey Artists Open Studios, is holding their launch event between 10 am and 2pm, to give visitors the chance to have a taste of what will be on offer during the main Open Studios event, It’s being held at:
Reigate School of Art Gallery
East Surrey College
Gatton Point
London Road
Redhill RH1 2JX

This exhibition continues until Saturday 21 May 2016, for more information please visit the college website
There will also be talks and workshops provided by the staff at East Surrey College which include:
· Printmaking – Stencil and Colour
11.30am –1pm & 1.30pm–3pm
· Sculpture – Relief Casting
11.30am –1pm & 1.30pm–3pm
· Lecture: Strategies for Seeing – Understanding Contemporary Art
12pm –1pm & 1.30pm–2.30pm
· Colour Workshop – Make a Painting in 90 Minutes
11.30am–1pm & 1.30pm–3pm
· Practical workshop: How to Present Art Work
11.30am–3pm & 1.30pm–3.30pm
· Calligraphic Workshop: A Valuable Experience for Artists
11.30am –1pm & 1.30pm–3pm
For more information about the artists visit