Kids off to University? How they can eat healthy food on a budget…

August 29th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s that time of year when many of us planning ahead for when our kids go off to University, it can be an expensive time so we have put together some advice on how your kids can eat healthy food whilst sticking to a budget. 
First of all you will need to invest in some store cupboard staples:

• Pasta and Rice – an adult portion of rice is about ¼ of a mug.
• Tomatoes and tomato puree, great for adding to chili-con-carne, pizza base, spaghetti bolognaise, stews, a definite staple.
• Tinned sweetcorn, a great vegetable to create sandwiches or salads.
• Soya Sauce, Chili sauce and Tabasco these are perfect for spicing up dull meals.
• Basic herbs, such as mixed dry herbs, chili powder, coriander, ground cumin, salt and pepper.
• Packet of wraps
• Crackers
• Tinned fish
• Sugar
• Flour – this is good for creating sauces, making cakes or for the more adventurous making your own pastry.
• Beans, these are a great source of protein, don’t just stick to baked beans, broad beans, kidney beans and so fourth are great to add to salads and stews, baked potatoes or add to toast or great in wraps.
Making use of your store cupboard essentials:
Once you have all of these staples you can then start to create tasty but cheap food, if you want to make a large stew you could always portion it into bags and put them in a freezer ready for another day.
Plan ahead, by creating a menu for each day of the week it will help you to keep to a tighter budget.
Check out your local market, if you are in a city with a local market you can often source fruit and vegetables more cheaply.
If you are living in a house with several other students, then bulk buy at a supermarket, or buy-one-get one free, distributing food/essentials among several people will also help you to keep the costs down.