Let me introduce you….

December 12th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge a new gym. Your home. After Christmas, we’re all familiar with the tighter clothes feeling, and “I’m sure this shrunk in the wash” type of conversation, when really we have gained a few extra pounds. With disposable income being at a low point before January’s pay day, the temptation to join a gym might be out of reach this year.  There is another way!  Old fashioned housework, take the stairs instead of the lift, stand up instead of sitting down…  A little bit every day can make a big difference over the year and small changes made daily, can turn into big changes of lifestyle.
Give up your seat on the bus or train – it’ll help you burn 42 calories an hour more than sitting down, it’ll also make you feel better and kinder! 

Stand up and walk while you’re talking on the phone – they’re mobile for a reason – same as ipads and tablets… browse and walk.

Chop vegetables – it’ll improve the muscle strength in your arms and is cheaper than buying pre-cut vegetables.
There are plenty of opportunities to get a decent workout without stepping outside your front door, just through completing the general household chores.  The more effort you put in, the more benefits you will reap.  For keeping arms shapely, really put some effort into polishing, sweeping and dusting.  The constant bending and stretching that takes place when windows are cleaned or beds are made will help thighs and ensure you stay flexible.
Run up and down the stairs instead of piling things up on the bottom step to ‘take up next time’ will have longer term benefits, as well as keeping your house tidy!
If you have a garden, stay outside a bit longer, as well as exposing your skin to as much vitamin D as possible for this time of year, all the gardening jobs – weeding, digging and sweeping, are good ways of toning your muscles.
To keep on top of your calorie loss, why not purchase a fitness wrist band that tracks your every move and will give you a regular reminder of how your activity is helping.  As comfortable as a watch, many double up as one and are an effective mind jogger to run up the stairs instead taking the lift!  If you would rather have a gadget that isn’t on show, there are other belt clip options available.
Finally, don’t forget the DIY, stripping wallpaper, hanging wallpaper and painting will all have beneficial effects on your body and will even help improve the condition of your home – maybe now is a good time to call Goodfellows for a valuation….