London housing market improves as seller become more realistic

June 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
London housing market improves as seller become more realistic

The London market has been struggling this year due to unrealistic asking prices but is at last improving as sellers have become more realistic with their asking prices.

This is much the same across the whole of the UK and at Goodfellows we are finding that where buyers put their properties on at the price we recommend due to our experience in selling in the local area, these tend to sell faster than those sellers who are unrealistic with their property valuations.

Martin Humphreys Managing Director of Goodfellows stated in his property market views: “There has been a move towards using on-line estate agents which might at first glance appear to be better value, but could cost a seller more in the long run, especially in the overall price they achieve for their property, the cheapest agent to sell with will always be the agent that gets the seller the highest price.

Local estate agents are experienced in selling properties in their area, this means that they can give an accurate gauge of how much a property is worth and they also work on a no sale, no fee policy, which means they only get paid if the property sells. On-line agents also have thousands of properties on their books, where as a local agent has far fewer which means they will have more time to concentrate on selling each property. Web estate agents also offers very little help at the negotiating stage, so often a seller will feel obliged to take a lower price than they would have done if they had used an experienced agency’s negotiating team.  Being able to negotiate once an offer is made is one of the most crucial stages of a property sale and could make all the difference to whether a property is sold or not at the best achievable price.”

If you are thinking of selling or if you already have your property on the market and would like another valuation please contact our team for a free valuation on 020 8102 0554. We can then arrange for one of our experienced team to visit you and give you advice on how to achieve the best price for your property. 

They can help by offering examples of comparable properties and recently sold prices, as well as advice on how best to display your property in terms of your furniture and personal items.

Take advantage of our free valuation by calling into one of our branches or speaking to our staff on the telephone.

At your sales valuation we will be able to:

• understand how much your home is worth

• advise you on the property market in your area

• discuss the moving journey and associated costs

• explain how we can deliver the best result for you