Love your greens…

July 8th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Each year we are bombarded with the latest colours, gadgets and designs for our homes – and this year it seems as though we have embraced everything green. 
Unlike previous colour choices for our home it doesn’t seem to matter what shade of green we embrace, as long as it’s green. There are so many colour choices available, making it almost possible to reinvent the garden palette within our home – bringing the outdoors in.
So which green would suit your home?
Bright greens, such as Farrow and Ball’s Green Smoke or Chappell Green work really well on an accent wall. Olive greens are perfect if you would like to paint a whole room such as Farrow and Ball’s Cooking Apple Green or Olive Green. Perhaps you would like a taste of spring; then a beautiful green such as Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic  will freshen up any room, this colour can also work well in a really small place such as a toilet.
Painting your whole house in the same shade of green can be a bold choice, but with different colour accessories can work really well, Farrow and Ball’s Olive Green or Card Room Green would work really well.
The great thing about the colour green is that it works with everything, just add in a few accessories or other accent walls of Fuchsia pink, bright orange, white, greys or even greens and your home will looks amazing.
If you would like any advice on the best colours to paint your home, especially if you are thinking of selling then why not pop into your local branch of Goodfellows for a chat or call us on 0845 372 7070.