Make your property a home…

May 21st 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

As homeowners it’s sometimes easy to be drawn into only thinking about a property as an investment resulting in losing sight of how we can make our property our home; somewhere we can enjoy and flourish in.  
In the UK we are constantly bombarded by the words ‘property bubble,’ ‘property boom’ it’s hard not to be enticed by the buzz of it all. It’s true that historically property prices have continued to grow, and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future as demand in the South and London will always outstrip supply. If you are a savvy buy to let investor, or perhaps entering the landlord route for the first time, property can give really good returns. But if you would like to simply live in your property and make it a happy place to live in then there here are some ways you can make your property feel more like a home:
• It’s important when planning your home to think about how you want to live, if you have stuff, then display it –make your space personal to you, whether you like buying old furniture or Ikea flat pack, if you’ve traveled around or have your own cherished collection then have it on show. There is nothing worse than a cold clinical living space, it’s great to have a home that metaphorically ‘hugs’ you when you walk through the door.
• If you’ve moved into an old home, and have visions of knocking down walls, then make sure you live in the space for at least a year, this will enable you to make adjustments to your initial designs if necessary. It’s so easy to make a mistake if you rush into making major changes before living in a space. Try to enhance any original structures or details rather than getting rid of them.
• Think about using different textures on your walls, such as wooden paneling –this can make a home feel really cosy and warm.
• Fabrics and furnishings can make a real difference to a home – create a mood board of colours and styles which will best suit your taste to create the design of your home – create several if you wish.
• Photographic walls – multiple photographs of family and friends framed in the same colour frames can create a wonderful feature in a home.
• Fashions will come and go, and we are all subconsciously influenced but make sure you love the things you bring into your home.
The most important thing is to take time to create a home, one that will suit you and your family.