Move before Christmas

September 3rd 2015
By: Mary.Wilkins
Move before Christmas

If you’ve got children or work with them in any way, then September always means the start of a new school year, time for new resolutions and new starts.  It’s a popular time to put homes on the market and plan to move house – thoughts to move and be in for Christmas.
If you’ve spent the August school holidays having a sort out of toys and clothes, or reorganising your home in any way, it’s a good time to pack your belongings away ready for your move.  Presenting your home as tidy and completely clutter free, will ensure you give the impression of maximum space to potential buyers. It will also show that there is enough storage space for future purchasers who might have a growing family.
As with everything, preparation is the key.  If your home is well presented, it should sell more easily and obtain the maximum price possible.  Make time to finish all the jobs that need doing – take a few moments to take a fresh look at each room, and try to see it through a potential buyer’s eyes.  Things you have lived with or got used to, may need updating or altering slightly to show your home in the best light.  In the bathroom, you might want to refresh the sealant and grout around the bath or showers.  In areas of busy traffic, touch up any chipped paintwork or snagged wallpaper.  If any windows have suffered from condensation, make sure the window frames are properly cleaned to remove any mould or mildew. Replace any lightbulbs that need changing and polish or clean the door handles.
In the garden, level any wonky pathways or paving slabs and remove any dead flowers or plants from ornamental pots.  Carefully prune any overhanging tree branches.  If you have garden furniture then arrange it so that there is a clear entertaining area and remove any extraneous objects from the garden. If you have a garden shed, maybe it would benefit from a coat of creosote or woodstain to revitalise it.
Make a list and work steadily through each item, enlisting help from family members if needed.  If you are really keen to move house, then hard work and time spent now will benefit you when you find a buyer and exchange contracts, complete and then move house.
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