Moving home? Last minute check list

April 14th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you are planning a house move then there will be quite a few things to consider other than the packing, here is our guide to planning a smooth move:
Redirect your post
You will need to either visit your local post office or go on line to to redirect your post to your new address. Prices start at £29.99 per one person for up to three months, and you will usually need to give them 2 weeks notice. Here is a link to the pdf redirection form
Removal costs
If you are moving for the first time then you will probably only need a few car loads to move your wares, but if you are moving furniture you could either consider hiring a van, try these websites Travelsupermarket, City Car Club or Zipcar.
If you would like to enlist a removal company to move your home’s content you could try to get five local quotes instantly, head to Also check that the company belongs to the British Association of Removers.
Ask sellers vital questions
Make sure before your moving day that you ask the current home owners vital information about your new property, these could include;
Where is the main stop cock to the property?
Where is the main water stop cock?
If there is an alarm on the property, what is the code?
When are the bins collected?
Which company currently supplies the utilities to the property?
Window Cleaners details?
Check out the best deals on your new home’s utilities
This is a great time to make sure you are getting the best deals on your energy, check out the, they will be able to find you the cheapest deal on the market and will alert you when it’s time to change to a cheaper supplier.
Moving day
Label boxes clearly by room.
Keep an emergency box, with tea, coffee, enough plates and cutlery for a meal, and cups. Also it's a good idea to keep a file with your solicitor’s number, utility suppliers numbers so that you can give them your final meter reading – keep these in a safe place, just in case there are any disputes.
Source:Money Saving Expert