National Picnic Week

May 27th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Is celebrated for the whole week of the 16th-22nd of June and focuses on what makes a good picnic - the location as well as the contents of your picnic basket!
This National picnic website has more information and is inspiring us all to make the most of our beautiful countryside and outdoor spaces; reminding us to enjoy something that is one of our most loved summer traditions.  From beach picnics with a mouthful of sand, to grassy parklands and country fields – we’ve all got childhood memories that we can re-live with rose tinted glasses, of hot summers that stretched endlessly through the weeks of the holidays.
National Picnic week was started ten years ago and is now firmly placed in the calendar.  The website lists the UK’s top 15 picnic sites – only one from London – Somerset House, a great venue to enjoy the water fountains and beautiful buildings which surround the courtyard.  Have you got a local favourite picnic venue that you would like to share with us?
Why not grab a picnic rug, your favourite food and drink all packed up with some ice packs, a jumper for when the weather turns cooler and head off to your favourite picnic place?  Whether it’s a grown up day out to catch up with friends, or a fun day with the children, all you need is easy to eat finger foods and a football or frisbee to keep everyone entertained.  Enjoy the great outdoors, nature at your fingertips and hopefully the sun to keep everyone smiling!