Release the value...

September 23rd 2016
By: Mary.Wilkins
Release the value...

Goodfellows have successfully secured a site in Croydon for an existing client.  The site is currently home to Arts and Crafts inspired homes and this theme will be continued with the development of the site and the creation of 9 flats which will have a sense of dignity and presence. 

The site is within easy walking distance to East Croydon station for commuters, and Croydon town centre for shops and restaurants.

The development will be designed sympathetically to continue the themes of the surrounding houses – the current proposals have utilised similar colour brickwork to the existing properties.  The upper floor elements have been set back to create depth and character to the design as well as softening the lines with a curve – this feature is repeated on the top floor.

If you currently own a property – commercial building, garage or land – contact us to see if you’re putting it to best use.  We have the expertise to release the value.

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