New Year… New Resolutions

December 12th 2013
By: Melanie Hollidge

For centuries, people have made promises to themselves and to each other at the beginning of each New Year.  Romans made promises to the god Janus, Babylonians made promises to their gods to pay their debts and return borrowed objects.  My favourite comes from the Medieval times when knights took the ‘Peacock Vow’ at the end of the Christmas season – they placed their hands on a peacock and pledged their commitment to chivalry.

For the last two centuries, the more usual resolution has been a focus on improving ourselves.   With the New Year underway, many of us will have made New Year Resolutions and only a few days in, should be sticking to them!

If you haven’t yet made any, or can’t summon the will to rewrite the same ones, how about a new take – a quick search on the internet brings up lots of ‘wishes’, why not make one of them your promise to yourself for 2014.

Visit a new city – we’re used to exploring the world, how about discovering a new city in your own country – a bit cheaper and easier to arrange if you’re watching the pennies.  Alternatively look for a cheap flight and travel further afield.

Make every day a special day – don’t save things for ‘best’, wear those special clothes more often and have that ‘best’ feeling every day.

Pay a compliment – say something nice, make someone else feel better about their day.

Try a new food each month – with so many exotic fruits lining our shelves, do you know what they are and what they taste like?

If you really don’t fancy something out of your comfort zone, at least choose a new take on an old resolution.

The weight loss…. run up the stairs, leave the car at home for a journey that will take less than ten minutes to walk, look upon household chores as opportunities to stretch and put some extra effort in to ensure some calories are burned…

Saving money…. do a little internet research and save some money by shopping around.

There is much research to suggest that goals/resolutions are more achievable when they are shared with friends – encouragement and support for measurable goals is priceless.

With social media at our fingertips – now’s the time to make it work for you and ask friends and family for their help.