On-line food shopping soars to new levels

April 14th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

It was quite surprising to hear that half of the UK’s population now shops for their food on-line. According to the newspaper The Mirror, on-line food shopping has soared by 110% in the past five years. They also state sales are expected to rocket by 13% from 8.6 billion last year to £9.8 billion by this December and 73% to £15 billion by 2020.
Shopping for food on-line has come on a long way since the late 90’s when it took longer to shop on most websites than it did to go out do the shopping come back and unpack. If you managed to order and get your food delivered it was always a bit hit and miss too, I remember ordering some beers, which weren’t available, so they automatically replaced it with a large tin of dog food – and I didn’t even have a dog! Flexible and inexpensive delivery times have also helped boost its popularity. As well as the flexibility of if you mess up on an order and buy a can the size of a thimble, or a whole box of bananas - quantities were never really my thing, then they take it away without fuss.
Although the system of food on-line shopping still needs some improving especially when ordering fresh produce, Mintel retail analyst Nick Carroll stated: “The lack of control when selecting fresh food and drink products remains one of the biggest issues for online grocery retailing and not one that is easy to address.
“All of the major players now offer some form of freshness guarantee but this is still not a substitute for picking your own.
“Inevitably, due to the volume of orders the major retailers now have to process, not all products or orders live up to expectations.”
Source: The Mirror