Our love of the Wellington boot…

February 5th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

In the UK we have been wearing Wellington boots since the early 19th Century. However in recent years Wellington boots have almost gone through a reincarnation, not so long ago the choice of wellies comprised of different colours for children, and black, white and green for adults. It seems that our passion for the wellie boot has grown, as well as printing technology, and with it the choice of different wellie designs available to buy. It is difficult to know whether it is because of the choice of styles now available that has increased their popularity or whether it is because of the necessity to wear them due to the amount of rain we have had in the UK, but for what ever reason there are now hundreds of different colours, patterns and styles available.
We found a huge amount of choice on line at, from “Splash Miss Lovely’ with it's pink colour and black hearts, perhaps an ideal gift from Valentines? The Wedge wellie, with wedged heels and different heights of boots, called the “Wedge Welly Man Eater,’ to the more contemporary styles of Laura Ashley with checkered patterns. Pink kiss wellies which are supposed to be great for Girlie gardening, to full monty riding boot, available in twin colours, including; full monty brown and green, red and black, black and pink and black. The choice continues into tweed and even alligator style rubber boots.
For children, they have also have a huge range including ‘Paint your own wellies’ perhaps an ideal kid’s present, Space rain boots, funky skull and cross bones to lady birds.
So it seems no matter how much rain we have in Surrey, we can choose a different style of wellie to suit any occasion.