Pension Reforms

March 19th 2015
By: Jon
Pension Reforms

There is much in the news about the Government’s pension reforms in April, which will change to allow those reaching retirement age to withdraw some or all of their pension pot and invest it as they choose. One of the most popular benefits is that this can then be passed onto any children, whereas locked in a state pension it just stops on death.

Many people now approaching retirement age are more financially aware and mentally active than in previous generations.  They are not ready to stop working completely; they actually want an active retirement and are looking for ways to keep occupied.  One of these ways would be to invest their lump sum of pension money in a buy to let property – thus providing a monthly income, as well as having an investment for the future which can also be left in a will.There are tax implications on withdrawing certain amounts, so do make sure you receive independent financial advice before making firm plans.

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