Pick your own...

June 29th 2015
By: Mary.Wilkins
Pick your own...

With lots of ideas for things to do many local garden centres offer a host of activities, from buying plants and seeds to encourage you to grow your own, to their fully stocked fields of pick your own.  Many crops are available to pick from June through to late October.  The season ‘kicks off’ with asparagus.  It’s great for children to see where and how the fruit and vegetables that they eat, actually grow; which ones grow on trees, bushes and vines and which grow straight from the ground like carrots and potatoes.
The trick is to get as much picked and in the bags and baskets, rather than eat as you pick!  With so much choice it’s a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.  For anything you can’t eat straight away, there’s always the freezer, check how to freeze fruits for the best results first, and you’ll have fruit available for the recipes later on in the year.
Maybe you’ll be inspired to buy your own plants to take home and nurture ready to grow your own crop for next year?  As well as being good fun and environmentally friendly – the fruit blossom and flowers are great for our declining bee population.