Renting out a property to pet owners…

January 15th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you own a rental property you will find that now and again you will be asked if you are prepared to rent out a property to a tenant with a pet. Although people who have pets seem to be happier than those who don't, renting out a property to a pet owner can be a bit of a nightmare for landlords. However nearly 50% of people in the UK now have pets, so by not allowing them into your rental property you could in effect be cutting out half of your potential rental market, so those landlords who are prepared to rent out to animal owners do find that they have a huge demand for their properties.
Tenants who are allowed to have a pet in a rental property do tend to stay for longer. Most tenants don’t mind paying an additional supplement to have a pet either, these can be in the form of having a separate deposit for a pet or to have an additional clause added to an existing security deposit contract. Such  as having £200 held back for a fixed period to make sure that there is no infestation of flees in a property.
Good estate agents such as Goodfellows have certain protocols in place to manage these kinds of issues. If you would like some more advice about allowing pets in your rental property or properties please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Goodfellows or call us on 0845 3727070.