Save Money: Christmas present ideas…

November 19th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge
Save Money: Christmas present ideas…

For most people the prospect of Christmas around the corner will be a mixture of excitement and stress, it’s really difficult to budget for the festive season, so here are a few ideas to reduce the cost of your family Christmas:
• Make your own Christmas cards, home made Christmas cards are a great way to save money and waste - by recycling last years, cutting out paper, sewing your own, printing off a picture of your family and so forth, here is an a excellent site packed full of Christmas card ideas - our favourite one is the thumb Robin card, you could get each family member to put their print on paper and then write the names underneath too
• If you are looking to save this Christmas why not set a budget for presents at £5-£10 per person, outside your immediate family.
• Create a family calendar, this is always a big hit, just upload your photos into a template on to one of the many on-line printing sites and order the amount you need. Prices start from around £8.99.
• Homemade Tea, just buy a selection of loose leaf teas, and put them into paper bags with ribbons or ready made cotton bags.
• Fir cone feeder, just collect some fir cones, wind them up with wire, dip them into lard, and push raisins into the gaps.
• If you have a student in your family, then buying them a cheap recipe cookery book, is always a hit, such as Jamie Oliver’s Save With Jamie, is a great book. Showing ways in which to save and store food, as well as lots of cheap but delicious recipes – the cheapest we could find on line was £9.99 from
• Chilli Oil – buy some nice looking bottles put in one tablespoon of chilli flakes, 10 whole peppercorns and a whole dried chilli inside. Fill with olive oil and leave to infuse until Christmas. Then tie with a ribbon.
• Make your own stockings – if you have any nice festive material and some basic sewing skills then why not make your own Christmas stockings.
Make your own Christmas hamper, Aldi have a step-by-step guide available on their website.