Save money: How to keep warm this winter

November 14th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Saving money on energy in the UK is of great concern to most households on already stretched budgets, so here is our guide on how to stay warm and reduce energy loss from your home.
How to save energy:
• Line your curtains, this will reduce the amount of heat you loose - this can be done with old bedding or sheets if necessary, and close them at dusk and open them to allow the sun into your home in the day
• Place foil behind radiators to enable the heat to go into the room rather than being absorbed into external walls.
• Make sure there is no furniture such as sofas in front of radiators as this will reduce their efficiency. Adding a single shelf (with nothing on it) especially in a room with high ceilings will help to funnel the heat in lower, resulting in a warmer room.
• Stop heat from being lost up your chimney, if you have an unused chimney then you could install a chimney balloon for around £20.
• Close off unused rooms.
•  As much as 10% of heat can be lost through uncovered floor boards, so make sure you put down some rugs, this will help the heat to be absorbed into the room.
• Turn your thermostat down to 21 degrees
How to stay warm:
• Dress in layers, this will keep you much warmer as the heat will be trapped in between each layer.
• Keeping your feet warm has a huge effect on the rest of your body, so wear slippers or slipper socks around the house.
• Stay active – this will not only keep you warm but you will also burn calories.
• Keep one room really warm in the evenings and add a water bottle to your bed, to save turning on the whole heating system.
Keeping an eye on your energy supplier can also really help to keep energy costs down so why not check out the website.