Shed loads of Inspiration…

August 18th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge
Shed loads of Inspiration…

It’s been a few weeks since the final of George Clarkson’s channel 4 series  ‘Shed of the Year’ sponsored by Cuprinol, and what a spectacular series it has been again this year. It’s incredible to think that it only show-cased just a few of the 2520 sheds that were entered in this year’s competition.
This year there were several different categories including; the eco shed, the garden office, the micro shed, pub, summer house and many more. The eco shed was won by Paul Robinson from Brampton in Cumbria who built a stunning 7m dome-roofed shed overlooking a lake. The unique allotment roof shed, owned by Joel Bird, showed the nation that no matter how small an area it is possible to grow your own veg, even on the roof of a shed. The overall shed of the year was won by the Inshriach Distillery, who created a fantastical three room pub out of an old chicken coup in the middle of the Scottish Highlands.
One of my personal favourites was the Bikers Retreat, which offered a warren of cozy drinking places and a very authentic bar area, created by Michael Jerry in Chichester. Ben Filmore showed us how creating an observatory doesn’t have to cost the earth with his lateral moving roof-top shed.
The Pixie cabin had to be the cutest and was definitely one of the smallest entries this year, just being a cabin on a trailer made as a place for owner and builder Mark Burton and his Surrey building crew to shelter from bad weather. Then the micro shed, a type of signal box/railway engine, was so small that its creator Colin Edmonson from Leigh can hardly get his legs inside his perfectly formed creation.
If you’ve been inspired by the series to create your own shed or even create one for next year’s Shed of the Year then we would love to hear about your creations on one of our branch Facebook pages.

Photo: Winning shed - Channel 4 screen shot