Spring clean for a spring sale

May 25th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Spring clean for a spring sale

It’s the time of year for spring cleaning, if you are looking to sell your home this Spring there is even more reason to deep clean. It can be easy to imagine that house buyers are looking at the layout and condition of the house and are not so concerned with its cleanliness. This thinking is both right and wrong.  It's very true that prospective home buyers are looking to inspect the layout and condition of a property but it is easy to distract buyers from this purpose with a messy house.

It is well known that potential buyers can get distracted by too much clutter or disorder in a home. It can make them walk away from a property with a sense that it has not been well-maintained or that it has not looked after, even if the fabric of the building is actually in good condition.

At a very simple level, a dirty or messy property gives people the feeling that they will have lots of work to do to get it clean it before they can move in. Some buyers won't be able to see past the mess. It can not only give a sense that the house will be hard to maintain but also that it may not have enough storage. Both of these features are not great for a quick Spring sale.

It can be hard work getting a property clean and tidy especially if you have small children or pets, or if you run a business from your home. But it is really important to keep your thoughts on the spring sale and keep the house spring cleaned and uncluttered.  Buyers will be trying to imagine their furnishings in your property. If there is too much clutter lots of potential buyers are unable to see past it. 

Buyers are also likely to have had a look at more than one house and will be comparing your cluttered home with others that are perhaps super clean. 

For a natural alternative to harsh cleaning products Bicarbonate of Soda, vinegar and salt are great natural products for spring cleaning your home, not only are they inexpensive compared to shop bought products they are also great for the environment. 

Here are a few ways in which you can spring clean your home ready for sale using these natural ingredients:

Cleaning worktops and stainless steel sinks and taps - there’s nothing like shiny polished surfaces to entice a buyer. 

Mix 4 tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda with 200ml of warm water and then work into your sink, showers, baths using a cloth, wash off with water and then dry with a clean tea towel. 

Glass cleaning - a great way to bring more light into your home and make it look better looked after is to have clean windows. Mix 500ml of water with 250 ml of white vinegar and cider vinegar, add one or two drops of essential oil or orange peel to make it smell nicer. Spray onto the windows, rub with a cloth and then use a dry cloth or kitchen towel to polish. 

Get rid of any bad odours - if you have pets or just want to freshen up your carpet, rugs and upholstery just sprinkle an even layer of Bicarbonate of Soda on to the surface and leave for 30 minutes before vacuuming. 

For a twist to the above you can also add Rosemary or lemon - depending on what you would like.