Staging your bedroom for a sale…

July 28th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Staging your bedroom for a sale…

When selling a property it’s important to consider the aspiration of your prospective buyer, if they can imagine themselves living in your property then you will be half way there to achieving a sale.

One of the most important rooms when selling a house is making sure that the master bedroom really stands out, so here are a few tips on how you can achieve just that:

• De-Clutter, make sure you put any non essential items out of sight, not only will this make the room look bigger it will also make it look relaxing.

• Give it a fresh lick of paint, if you want to improve the look or the feel of a room there is nothing quicker or cheaper than giving it a repaint. If you want to give your bedroom a more boutique feel then choose a different shade of the wall colour and use it on the skirt boards and doors.

• Revamp your wardrobes, if your wardrobes are looking a bit scruffy then consider repainting or perhaps wallpapering the doors with some modern wallpaper. If they are beyond repair consider fitting some fitted ones into the space.

• Once you’ve done all of the above you will need to think about staging your room by adding some complimentary accessories and making sure you turn the lights on, make the bed and put away any day to day clutter before a viewing.