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September 25th 2016
Downsizing, is it the right choice for you?
If you have found yourself rattling around your home because your children have fled the nest, you’re not alone - one in five people want to downsize1 the lack of smaller homes and high moving costs are putting people off.
September 23rd 2016
Release the value...
Goodfellows have successfully secured a site in Croydon for an existing client.  If you currently own a property – commercial building, garage or land – contact us to see if you’re putting it to best use.  We have the expertise to release the value. 
September 12th 2016
Earn while you learn with a Goodfellows’ apprenticeship scheme
A-level results are in, and with it the debate about post 18 education choices - whether people should consider going to university or take part in an apprenticeship scheme.
September 9th 2016
Be tax aware
When you’re a buy-to-let landlord, you will be able to offset a number of ‘allowable expenses’ which you will incur when you are renting out a property, against the income tax that you will pay.
September 2nd 2016
The Moving Guide
If you’ve been thinking about moving, here are our handy tips to make sure you’re well prepared and ready to move… 
September 2nd 2016
Borrowers continue to benefit from cheap mortgages
There has never been a better time to access cheap mortgages, as fierce competition continues to drive down fixed mortgage rates.
September 1st 2016
Private landlords in the UK play a vital role
Private landlords in the UK play a vital role in providing accommodation
August 19th 2016
New Housing Minister
British politics is still hot news as the country watches and waits to see what happens next.  Theresa May has formed her new...
July 7th 2016
Brexit and the rental market
Brexit is still the hot subject and despite some fear-mongering claims amongst the Remain campaign, the experts are not expecti...
June 28th 2016
BREXIT - The Managing Director's view
Currently we’re in a period where we are suffering from a double if not triple whammy as we face the far reaching consequences ...
June 2nd 2016
Landlords are you up-to-date with recent changes to the law?
Over the past year there have been so many changes to the private rental industry that we thought it would be a good idea to su...
April 20th 2016
Happy 90th Birthday Her Majesty
As her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 90th birthday on Thursday 21st April, 2016 we want to recognise her success an...