Take ten minutes

January 9th 2015
By: Jon
Take ten minutes

January – what do you think of? Sales? No money after Christmas? Long dark days and bad weather?  Not a wonder so many of us suffer with the January Blues.  Whilst we can’t change it all – if we want to, we can change our outlook and possibly reduce the negative feelings and replace them with some happy thoughts instead.
Exercise and fresh air are free and easy ways to make a small change.  Research shows that making a small change (and sticking to it) is an instant easy way to make yourself feel better.
Go for a short walk in the fresh air and make the most of the daylight: vitamin D (essential for healthy bones) is absorbed through the skin and even ten minutes a day can have health benefits.
Mindfulness is all about taking time to be aware of your surroundings, peaceful calm breathing and paying attention to the moment.  It helps people change the way they feel and can reduce stress.  There are courses available if you are interested in finding out more.
Make a phone call – if you can’t arrange to meet up, spend some time talking on the phone.  In today’s busy world of e-communication, face to face contact is reducing at a frightening rate.  Human beings need the interaction; eye contact, body language, tone of voice – it’s all missing when we text or email.  Make the effort to meet and talk.
With a bit of luck, small changes will lead to bigger changes, happier days and then it’ll be the spring, new leaves, brighter lighter days and we’ll be wondering how to cope with the sunshine again!