The power of words in a property description…

February 25th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

The strength of the written word within a property listing should not be underestimated, as it is one of the most important factors when marketing your home. Experienced estate agents, such as Goodfellows will know and understand exactly which type of words to employ to describe your home for selling.
Words such as ‘hardwood flooring’ and ‘light filled’ are very important to most buyers. Estate agency jargon also has to move with the fashion, not so long ago laminate floor was a good selling point for example, but would now be called hard flooring, as most potential buyers would see this as a negative.  
The price of a property can also alter the wording used in a description, property buyers looking for homes in the three million plus category will be looking for words such as ‘formal gardens,’ ‘paneled library,’ ‘twin en-suites,’ ‘his and hers walk in wardrobes,’and ‘Miele’ kitchen appliances.
However at the lower end of the market another set of words are employed by the savvy agent, ‘bijoux’ or ‘compact’ would describe a small home, ‘investment property’ or in ‘need of modernisation’ would imply ‘work needed.’ Whereas ‘convenient to’, is used if a property is set on the edge of a busy road, train track or airport. ‘Characterful’ can also be used when work needs to be done to an old home, and ‘charming’ can sometimes imply pokey.
Enticing copy is paramount to selling any home, a buyer will have an understanding of the words employed by an estate agency, so it’s not a case of pulling the wool over the eyes of potential buyers, it is about using words to enhance a property’s description.
We thought we would share with you our findings about estate agency words employed around the globe, and came across this listings for estate agencies in Australia, it’s called the Copy Cat – real estate words, and lists all of the positive wording for estate agents.
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