The right price imperative for property buyers

August 28th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
The right price imperative for property buyers

In a recent survey conducted by Goodfellows it was revealed that 90% of property buyers thought that property price was the most important thing when looking to purchase a property, followed by the speed of sale at 35% and 28% of respondents saying that an agent’s service is one of the most significant aspects. Other factors important to buyers is advice, and having accompanied viewings (74%) and a good knowledge of the local market.

What two things are important when you buy a property?

Screen shot 2017 08 30 at 16.15.42Sellers on the other hand said that trust was top of the list when selling their property - 40% of those people asked stated this, followed by the agent’s fee 37%, knowledge 35%, agents within a local area 29%, price 19%, and quality of marketing and recommendation.

When considering using an estate agent what are the two most important factors?

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Sellers also said that other reasons they would use a local agent was because of the personal service and ease of negotiations - it’s often at this point that a sale could fail if a seller doesn’t use the services of an experienced negotiator. Of those people who were surveyed some replied that they had already used an on-line agent but now prefer to use the services of a regular estate agent such as Goodfellows, as they offer face to face contact if required, a professional negotiating team, a personal touch, and security. Some of those respondents on the other hand said they would consider marketing their property with an on-line agent because of reduced fees and not having to speak to an agent.

Marin Humphrey, Director of Goodfellows commented: ‘It’s not surprising that price is the most important aspect for buyers, that’s why we work so hard at establishing the right price for a property sale which we also consider to be the most important factor in attracting the right buyer – and for this you really need a well-established agent giving you advice as they have the best understanding of the local area - this could make all the difference between whether a property sells or not. At first glance, on-line agents might appear to be better value but could cost a seller more in the long run.’

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Goodfellows independent buyers and sellers survey June 2017