‘The Week the landlords moved in’

July 24th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
‘The Week the landlords moved in’

The tenants leave a letter for the landlords to read during their stay, including any issues they have with their property. A common thread throughout the series seems to be issues with the quality of the accommodation, from damp to major leaks, plus lack of response when they ask for things to be repaired or maintained.

The documentary highlighted these factors as major problems for tenants:

• Living in property which isn’t properly maintained, including any white goods such as ovens and hobs.

• Non-reactive landlord or letting’s agency.

• Feeling as though they couldn’t approach the landlord about unresolved issues because they might ask them leave.   

• Short tenancies.

All of these issues could have been avoided if they had used a reputable letting's agent and ensured that the property was managed by the agent.

For more information about  using an ARLA Agent to manage your property why not give Goodfellows a call and speak to our Property Management  Department on -020 8687 8345 and ask for the Head of Management Laura Lindsay, or follow this link.