Three Cities Cycle Challenge – latest update from day 3

June 11th 2016
By: Tracey.Anne.Green
Three Cities Cycle Challenge – latest update from day 3

Martin’s insight from day 3

“7 hours of cycling, 100 miles covered and 4000 calories burnt and yet there are many people on this ride who you have to admire before us. Ian, 70 years young, raising money for cancer in bone marrow. There are only 200 people suffering with this on a yearly basis so they have little or no money for research. Ian got on his bike for charity and started cycling when he was 64 and has done London to Paris twice and now this event, 3 cities cycle ride which is a longer event .

Brian who is 63 volunteers in his local hospice and is raising money for them. There are so many selfless stories on this ride that I have got to know but all with the same raise money for charity.

But alongside this selflessness there are also some less noble happenings taking place. Today some factory workers changed the arrows around so one team cycled 10 miles in the wrong direction! Zut alors! One cyclist ended up on the motorway then fell off on the hard shoulder as cars were tooting him and another rider’s tyre punctured as he was coming off the ferry!

Holland is amazingly clean and beautifully flat. So a great team effort today to get to the finish on Saturday which is the final leg and is a mere 90 miles. At 85 miles we will be escorted into Amsterdam for the last 5 miles of this wonderful adventure and it will all be over. It will be very sad, tinged with relief but with wonderful memories, stories and pictures it is something I will remember for ever.

Thanks for all of your donations to CLIC Sargent - it is not too late to donate… “