Tillingbourne Brewery

April 23rd 2015
By: Jon
Tillingbourne Brewery

Steeped in history and surrounded by the Surrey Hills – an established area of outstanding natural beauty – Tillingbourne Brewery is an unexpected surprise.
Established by friends Steve and Lee in 2011, this micro-brewery has gone from one award to another, something which is definitely worth raising a glass to!  Steve had been brewing home beer and had created something he loved.  When the site on the Albury Estate came up for lease, he approached Lee and six weeks later Lee had left his London job with the hustle and bustle of advertising, to work full time in the peaceful Surrey countryside, making the dream come true.
The brewery is housed in two old barns surrounding a courtyard.  The green barn doors mark it out as part of the Albury Estate – owned by the Duke of Northumberland.
With 20 years experience of home brewing and a strict quality control/conversion underway, the brewery has gone from strength to strength.  As the first pints sold – the conversion from making 120 pints for home consumption, to a whopping 5000 pints for commercial sale was complete. 
Enthusiasm for the beer, the lifestyle and the hop troll is infectious.  I find myself engrossed in the stories behind the names of the beers – and wanting to know more.  With a variety of hops included in the recipes, the wide variety of golden beer, black bitter, light amber ale and IPA style beer cater for all tastes.
The beers are developed through the Evolution brand and have limited availability until the final recipe is decided upon and it receives a name of its own.  The beer names are all carefully chosen, with a piece of local history as the inspiration and a carefully designed pump clip which portrays a part of the story and completes the identity.  Tshirts, hats and glasses all add the brand – showing a cleverly constructed ‘Beeriodic Table’ showing all the varieties of hops.
CAMRA awarded Falls Gold the Champion Golden Ale for London and the South East in 2013-14 – a pretty spectacular award for a tiny new brewery.  As well that, Falls Gold was also awarded Winner of Best Overall Ale and Winner of Best Golden Ale of the Woking Beer Festival in 2012.  The Source was awarded Winner of Best Overall Ale in 2013 at both the Spa Valley and Wallington Beer Festivals.  Packed with an amazing 7 hops, Hop Troll received Winner of Best Golden Ale of Festival at the Woking Beer Festival in 2013.  Black Troll was awarded Winner of the Bitter category at the Woking Beer Festival in 2012. 
The number of micro-breweries has risen from 400 to over 1200 in less than four years.  For Tillingbourne Brewery to maintain its position of excellence, it will expand and continue to serve over 120 customers from local pubs to individuals.  With personal service and great tasting beers, this is a brewery to watch.
To find out more visit their website or follow them on twitter @tillybeershere