Tips on finding a good letting’s agent

March 16th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Tips on finding a good letting’s agent

If you are a landlord looking at using a rental agent it’s important that you base your decision on service rather than price. The first aspect to consider is making sure that you use a registered ARLA, Association of Registered Lettings Agents, such as Goodfellows because any agent who is registered will have to maintain and conform to the highest industry standards.

A good indication of a decent agent is one that looks after the tenant as well as the landlord. So check out reviews on and any social media sites. You could also pose as a tenant to see how you are treated.

Then check the agents terms and conditions, these are usually quite long so take your time reading them, and if your still not sure ask someone in the lettings legal profession to go through them.

Ask them how they conduct their vetting service for potential renters.

Make sure you understand each service level, most good lettings agents such as Goodfellows tend to offer different levels of service to their customers, starting with finding tenants and sorting out contracts to a full service where they manage the maintenance and when required managing full refurbishment.   

A good letting’s agents will also perform daily rent reconciliations that enables them to take swift action on any late payments, enforcing rigorous financial controls to ensure the accuracy of financial information and timely transfer of payments to landlords. They will also collect rent and chase any arrears. Advising you if at any stage they feel that the tenants are not going to pay and you need to take legal action. Liaising with your solicitors throughout the process.

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