Tips on preparing your house for sale

March 8th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Tips on preparing your house for sale

Ensuring your home looks at its best will ensure that your home appeals to the widest possible market, and is crucial to you achieving the best price. So here is our preparing your house for sale guide:

• When preparing your home for sale the devil really is in the detail, so make sure you tackle all of the small jobs such as making sure you touch up any damaged paintwork, replace any missing light bulbs, sort out any damp issues, make sure the windows are clean and finish off any minor repairs.

• Give your home a really good clean, paying special attention to bathrooms and kitchens, giving the taps a really good polish – the best way to do this is to use a lime scale remover, rub, wash off and then use a dry tea towel or clean cloth to polish.

• If your house is carpeted change any badly worn areas with a new carpet or if it’s salvageable get it cleaned, especially if you have pets.

• It’s best to try and keep the interior of your home neutral, if you have any rooms which have been painted in line with a specific taste it’s best to give it a fresh coat of paint.

• De-personalise the property, putting away family photos and clearing away any clutter. The reason we recommend this is so that the buyer can imagine themselves living in your home. Put any animal paraphernalia out of sight.

• Think about who your buyer could be, for example if you are aiming your property at a young, professional couple they would probably prefer it if the spare room was set up as a home office/guest room. Whereas a room set up as a bedroom would appeal more to a family buyer.

• Tidy up the outside too, make sure the garden is weeded, clear of rubbish, put bins out of site where possible. The first thing a buyer will see will be the front of your property, so make sure it has curb appeal, any flaky paint on the exterior has been addressed.

• Viewings – you will need to do all the above plus make sure the house is warm if your selling it in winter, make sure the curtains are properly drawn, if you have any open fire then it would be good if you could light it. Make sure all of the lights are on, including bedside tables, if you leave the interior doors open this will give your home a better feeling of space.

For any other help and advice about preparing your house for a sale Goodfellows are on hand.