Tips to reduce exam revision stress

May 27th 2015
By: Mary.Wilkins
Tips to reduce exam revision stress

If you’ve got a child in the house who’s studying for exams at the moment, then you’ll be looking for all the ways within your reach to offer wind down moments, ideas to de-stress and chill out time for you all.

Eat - revising is hungry business – provide plenty of healthy snacks, coffee and chocolate aren’t enough to keep going.  Variety is the key; why not try nutritious and tasty mini wraps stuffed full of cream cheese, ham and chopped peppers along with dates, or flapjacks filled with dried fruit and apricots.

Laugh – find a funny film to watch together and take some time out to ‘decompress’ after studying for a while.  It helps stop them feeling overwhelmed and a decent break from revision will help them focus properly when returning to their books, as well as providing an incentive for effective revising beforehand.

Fresh air – walking outside or playing a sport is a great way to unwind and completely take their minds off the upcoming exams.  If your teenager isn’t the sporty type, why not take a walk in a park or through the countryside and get away from books and computer screens for a while.  It can help make everyone feel refreshed and re-energised before returning to the work.

Time out – take regular breaks and move around, sitting hunched over a desk or table makes everyone feel uncomfortable, make sure that they move around after half an hour or so, even if it’s only to stretch and get another drink.

Sleep – stating the obvious really, but enough sleep is vital, especially the night before an exam.  Make sure there’s time to eat properly, relax in a bath and read a book or listen to music to have a break from the study guides before turning the light off.

Finally remind them that there is life after exams, work hard now and do the best they can.  Don’t compare their answers to their friends when the exams are over – once the exams are done, it’s a case of waiting for the results, answers can’t be changed and although they can worry about it, like the saying says, ‘worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere’.

Wishing all students good luck for their exams, think of them as opportunities to show how much you know.