Top tips: How to stay warm this winter

January 15th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge

It’s at this time of year, especially with this cold snap that we all start to think about how to keep warm without blowing the heating budget. So here are some of our top tips on how to stay warm this winter:
• Layering clothes is a really good way to keep your body warm, making sure that the extremities of your body are warm – keeping your head and feet warm will also make a difference.
• Drink plenty of warm drinks – if you like to drink tea and coffee, either put just the right amount of water in a kettle to make your cup of tea or pour the excess hot water into a flask for next time – you’ll be surprised how much electricity a kettle uses, every time you boil a full kettle it costs around 2.5p – that would soon add up.
• Make sure that as soon as dusk hits, you close your curtains, double lined curtains are best at keeping the heat in and the cold out – if you don’t have lined curtains, just pin some fabric to the back of them.
• Make sure that at least one room in your house is really warm, so that you have somewhere you can relax, use a blanket on your lap to help keep you warmer if needed.
• Use a hot water bottle when needed.
• Block up any drafts in your home, especially under doors and in letter boxes.
• Use foil behind your radiators so that the wall behind absorbs less and the heat stays in your room.