What is less attractive than a pile of pallets?

May 8th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

How many times do you walk past the odd abandoned shipping pallet in an alley or a car park or see them packed along with rubble in a skip and wonder what a waste?  Well wonder no more, except in awe, by taking a look at this vast array of creative and inventive ways to upcycle a shipping pallet.
In the garden you could use them for furniture, tables and chairs or for storage, from the summer houses to the potting shed, for plant displays or even fencing, one of the most inventive designs is the swinging chair.  And it’s not just for outside, if you fancy using shipping pallets or crates for your interior they can also be upcycled as furniture; from bed bases, room dividers, book shelves, desks, spice racks, wine stores, wardrobes, shoe racks to coat racks and they can even scrub up quite nicely with a bit of hard work, creating the impression of an almost ultra-modern glass topped coffee table. A pile of shipping pallets can be put to a vast array of uses if you are prepared to put your mind to it.
Some of the inventive uses of old wooden boxes and crates are also great. Old crates however are like gold dust and almost impossible to come by these days as so many restaurants, bars, shops and clubs have seen the aesthetic value of recycling and gobbled up the supply. But it doesn’t stop you keeping your eyes peeled for an unloved bit of wood that if you can spot the potential, could become a delightful pre-loved wooden object to enhance your home!