What to do in the Garden in March...

February 25th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

March is normally a busy month in the garden, it’s a time for putting into place the plans we made in the dark winter months for our borders and vegetable garden, as well as clearing up any debris left over from the harsh winds and rain we have had over the winter period this year. Here is a list of jobs to do in the garden in March:
• Finish off pruning summer flowering creepers such as clematis, buddleia and wisteria. But don't cut any evergreen plants back until April, when the weather is warmer. 
• Pull up any weeds that have grown throughout winter.
• Sweep paths and drives, and wash with a jet wash where necessary.
• Cut the grass, when it’s dry; this a great time of year for re-shaping borders. If you need to lay turf then March is a great time for this, but wait until the last frosts before sewing any grass seed.
• Slugs – protect new shoots from slugs, put down salt or other organic pellets.
• Plant early potatoes, onions and summer flowering bulbs.
• If there are any warm days try and open up greenhouse and summer house vents, this will enable them to warm up and dry up any damp which has occurred during the winter months.