What to send them off to university with?

September 8th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

Many of our young people will be heading off to University any minute.  They will be leaving home creating a spare room at home and renting a room somewhere else - it is a busy time for the rental market. But for many families it may be the last minute check list that is more pressing.  
The young adults probably think they know best but will no doubt leave a bit of last minute organising to mum and dad.  Here is a quick check list to help you to help them make the first move from home go as smoothly as possible.
Remember if you are not sure exactly what they need it may actually be easier (and cheaper) for them to buy things when they are at uni and know exactly what they really need.  It is also good to remember that a room in a student hall will probably be smaller than a home bedroom.
Things really not to forget but they might! Like important documents:
Passport and/or driver’s license (ID)
University admission acceptance letter
Course acceptance letter
Accommodation terms, information and contract
Passport photos for societies and other admin. A set of 4 should do it
Bank account details
Bank debit card
Chequebook – can come in handy more than you would think
Insurance documents
Student loan documents (and any other bursaries or scholarship funding)
Student discount cards
Others worth considering: National Insurance number, exam certificates, NHS number.
Electrical essentials are a bit more likely to be remembered; laptop or computer, ethernet cable – may be needed for Internet in some university halls. Mobile phone ,headphones, power extension cable, device chargers USB memory stick
Kitchen essentials: the wok is the number one cooking tool can be used to fry, boil, scramble etc… and of course make stir fry in, just one sauce pan to start with, a small cutlery set, 1 sharp knife, 1 glass & 1 mug – for all of your drinking needs, 1 plate & 1 bowl. 
Things they probably don’t  need:  kettle, toaster), rice steamer, toastie-maker, pizza cutter, colander, grater, peeler, garlic crusher, wooden spoons/ladles etc, masher, measuring jug, whisk, chopping board.
Bedroom essentials ; bed sheets – including a bed cover, duvet cover and pillow covers
Duvet & pillows – get a tog that is warm enough for the winter and get a double if possible (you will most likely have a double bed in 2nd year). Mattress protector – you never know who has been in the bed before you…
Bathroom essentials
Towels – one big, one small. Personal medication and supplies (eg. contact lens solution), washbag – including toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel, make-up? Plasters – or small first aid kit.
Last but not least, academic resources: Pens (and pencils)Highlighters, A4 writing pad, folders with dividers, calculator, books .