What’s hot for 2015 with colours….?

May 6th 2015
By: Jon
What’s hot for 2015 with colours….?

With our busy lives at home and at work, it’s even more important that we can achieve peace and calm wherever possible.  This year’s on trend colours reflect this sense of stillness and are easy to live with in every room of your home.

Pale greens and blue/greys with accent colours of pink or blue, are being enhanced with a warmer range of colours to include pinks, reds and oranges.

Mineral colours have been developing and are continuing their trend from the past few years.  Hotter colours are set to become more popular during the year – burnt sand and rich ochre yellow – both in fashion and interiors, and will be ideal partners for an accent of grey.

The key colour for 2015 according to Dulux is ‘Copper Blush’ and is an easy to live with colour, creating depth and assuring elegance.  The colour is also a perfect combination with pinks and gold, as well as the neutral or shades of white which are still popular.  It works well with both wood and metal so you can utilise your current home furnishings.

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