What’s on most property buyer’s wish lists?

April 28th 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

When entering the property market either from a buyers or sellers perspective, our lives seem to be governed by a set of lists. Lists of things to do before we can market our property and things that we have written on our moving ‘wish’ list.  These might even be unwritten lists, ones we have created with our family, and as with most things in life there have to be compromises, you may find that items on your list start to drop off as your property search evolves.
Some of the most important items for home buyers are; living in a rural area with great transport links, within walking distance of a good pub, near to the sea, fast broadband access, great neighbourhood, fantastic schools, quiet location – and the list can go on.  But deciding what you have to have is key before you start your property search, although these preconceived ideas of what we want can also develop, due to budget constrictions.   
Our evolution as a nation has also impacted on our historical property list - most family homes ‘should have’ more than one bathroom, and a ground floor toilet, space for parking – time is so precious, that a house has to work efficiently to complement our busy lifestyles.  
Most sellers will recognise that presenting a house to its full potential is one of the most important aspects of marketing their homes. From making sure that any DIY projects are finished, to creating a neutral, warm space where buyers can imagine themselves living. There is nothing worse than a home that has busy outdated wallpaper and too many personal items – this makes it hard for even the most imaginative buyer. Sometimes there can be an ‘elephant’ in the room, or home and a seller might not even see it  - that’s the time to call in an experienced agent, they will be able to help you develop a realistic list of things to do based on the current property market, and they will be able to give you an accurate valuation and help you to find your new home.
If you are a buyer or seller, then why not contact your local branch of Goodfellows, our specialist team will be happy to help you to market your property and find you a new home that will suit your current lifestyle.