Which interior style would you chose?

April 26th 2016
By: Melanie Hollidge
Which interior style would you chose?

There seems to be so many interior fashions to chose from these days, from retro to contemporary, from Granny-chic to shabby chic – so we have taken a look at some of these popular interior trends in fashion at the moment:
Vintage -
Think flower power, large prints, small prints, polka dots, bone china – painted units, vintage style furniture – so what is the definition of vintage? Loosely, furniture which is not old enough to be classed as antique, under 100 years old, but was popular in a different era.
Retro -
Chrome, coloured appliances, bright coloured china ware. Retro style is furniture and other home interiors products produced between the 1950s and the 1980s. It can often consist of sleek looking furniture placed against bold patterned wallpapers. It was an era where people could have fun with their interiors. In the 1970s furniture started to lose its sleek quality, and furniture started to look more bulky. Avocado greens, golds, oranges and browns were all the rage. Retro furniture used in a contemporary setting can work really well.
Industrial style -
It’s all about the use of raw materials, usually associated with an industrial setting - brick walls, exposed concrete, mixed with pale shades of paint (usually white), raw wood, large industrial lighting. One feature of this interior design is to expose pipes, electrical wires and so forth. Bare concrete walls, mixed with wood floors – it’s a real celebration of using humble materials in a home environment.
Shabby Chic -
Can be defined as the using old beautifully shaped pieces of furniture, distressing them (if they are not already distressed) to achieve a romantic effect. It’s also the mixing of patterns and colours which are not usually used together.
Granny Chic -
Yes this does exist, you have probably seen some of this styling if you have visited Ikea recently, - it’s the mix of traditional style furniture, granny large prints, colourful hand crocheted bedding with a back drop of neutral colours such as pale greys and whites.