Will having a nice garden increase the price of your home?

August 22nd 2014
By: Melanie Hollidge

We’ve had such a lovely warm summer in the UK, which has resulted in many of us spending more time and money in our gardens. According to recent research carried out by showed that an average Brit spends £30,000 on their garden over a lifetime, with the majority of that spend going on plants and flowers, fueled by impulse buys from garden centres.
Surprisingly the younger home owners aged between 24-34, are now drawn to improving their outside space, investing an average of £647 on their outside space compared to the average yearly spend of £366.
Statistics from Lloyds Home insurance group show that 29% of younger people are driven by their love of gardening, 19% see it as a valuable extension of their outside space, when entertaining and 14% see it as a way of increasing their properties value.
 So does having a nice garden increase your property’s value?
It’s difficult to put an exact value on having a nice garden, it’s true that a house with a pretty South facing garden in the UK is always attractive to buyers. It could increase a property’s value by up to 20%, however buyers are often put off by swimming pools and water features which can be expensive to run and time consuming. It’s slightly harder to sell houses without gardens in summer than it is in winter, and most people like to have some outside space if they are situated in a built up area or in a central location, a balcony or terrace will definitely be a bonus to most buyers.
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