Winter Care

January 15th 2016
By: Mary.Wilkins
Winter Care

If your property is being prepared prior to tenants moving in, then do check that it’s winter proof.

Clear out any leaves and debris from the gutters – blockages mean that the rain water won’t flow freely and could overflow and run down the walls, causing damp patches.

Insulate exposed pipes and water tanks in order to avoid bursts and leaks.  The most common causes of frozen pipes are if they are poorly insulated or exposed to icy draughts.  Don’t forget about the pipes that are inside cupboards where the warm air from inside your home might not reach them.

Check the boiler is fully lagged and that the frost protection thermostat will turn on automatically if the temperature drops. Why not take this time to have the boiler serviced for your new tenants.

If the property is empty for more than a few days during an expected chilly period, it might be a good idea to leave the loft hatch open and sink cupboard doors open to let some warmth onto the pipes and tank.  It is also wise to leave the central heating on a low setting.

Know where your stopcock is – and inform your Managing Agents!  There’s nothing worse than panicking looking for it – if it’s not obvious, label it with a tag so you can find it in a hurry – or someone else can if they’re looking after your home.

Good maintenance is essential, deal with any dripping taps by replacing washers immediately and keep sinks and plugs clean and clear of debris. Time spent now taking care of the small jobs will mean a reduced risk of disasters later.