Winter proofing your home…

September 18th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge

If you’ve heard the news this week that we are in for one of the coldest winters since the 1950’s and those comparable to 2009/2010 which is when we experienced the coldest January for decades, then you will be thinking about winter proofing your home. So here are some tips on how to use less energy and protect your home this winter:
• Make sure that the pipes in your loft space are properly insulated to stop them from freezing and bursting.
• Keep your home at a constant temperature of at least 10c, your home won’t be insured for damage caused by the cold if you don’t do this.
• Clean out gutters, to stop rain from collecting in leaves, expanding when frozen and splitting your pipes.
• Check for drafty windows and doors, use insulation tape and if possible use lined curtains.
• Place foil at the back of your radiators this will stop the heat from absorbing into your walls
• Close off rooms that are not used and heated.
• If you don’t use your chimney then consider putting in a chimney balloon, these cost around £20 and you could prevent up to 10% of heat loss from your home.
• Insulate your loft – if you install loft insulation in a standard size loft space, up to 270mm you will save around £180 on your annual energy bill, and it will cost you about £250 to install it yourself, within just under 2 years, it would have paid for itself.
• Turing your heating thermostat down by 1 degree could save you up to 5% on your annual fuel bill. The ideal temperature of your home is 21c, if you’re cold add a layer of clothing.
• Draft excluders - if you have gaps around your windows, then consider buying to draft excluder tape, make your door insulators by filling stocking with old socks or fabric and sewing off each end to make a sausage shape, then place under the gaps in your doors.
• Finally try and find a cheaper energy supplier, some of the smaller companies.