Women are claiming back the garden shed…

September 14th 2015
By: Melanie Hollidge
Women are claiming back the garden shed…

A shed of one’s own: how women are reclaiming the garden - We came across this article when looking through the home section of The Guardian, and we thought we would shed some light on this phenomena shaking the nation – pardon the pun.

According to the article women for the first time in many years are claiming back the shed, a place previously viewed as a male dominated area. Could it be that programmes such as George Clarkson’s Amazing Shed series could be enabling us women to see sheds in a new light? And not as just the tool shed or man cave they have been viewed as in the past.  

Sales of the so-called She sheds have risen by 50% as a growing amount of female entrepreneurs use them as a space to run their businesses. The number of people working from home makes up a staggering 14% of the entire work force – with the amount of self-employed women increasing by 34% since 2009. Previous myths associated with people running businesses from home have been discarded, which has made it so much easier to run a business from home.

The Guardian focuses on five female sheddies; Emma Mitchell, 43 who runs a jewellery business from her shed, Louise Allen who is a Mills and Boon novelist, Charlie Le Rougetel44, founder of Circus PR in Harlesden, north-west London, Laura Worgan 25, founder of Laura’s Lodge beauty salon in Glastonbury, Somerset and Annemarie Fitzsimons-Keogh 44, founder of Awards 4 All Occasions in Eggleston, Country Durham. The one thing they all have in common is that when they go into their shed they feel as though they are at work, and when they lock the door at night and go back into their home they feel as though they have left work for the day.

Source: The Guardian – 31 August 2015 -